Thursday, December 6, 2007


From some fan site:
Spaced-out mega heavy stoner groove band from Wollongong whose music has drawn comfortable comparisons with the likes of Black Sabbath and Hawkwind. Thumlock formed in 1995, originally as a three piece of Eshman, Lough and Stokes. In 1997 the band issued its first CD "Dripping Silver Heat" but it was the "Emerald Liquid Odyssey" release with its less melodic, rockier direction which created considerable interest in the band. Iacurto joined the fold shortly before "Lunar Mountain Sunrise" was recorded. Thumlock supported Hawkwind in early 2000 and then released the debut album, which met with some critical acclaim. Thumlock's status continued to grow with the 'Rockin' Course' single attaining good airplay that was followed up by the fantastic Sojourn Lucid Magic album. A European tour was mooted for the end of 2002, but little seems to have been heard from the Thumlock camp since.

Thumlock - Rockin Course

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