Sunday, December 23, 2007

Winnebago Deal

These guys have quite the resume. I was going to blab some about it, but Wiki has it best:
Winnebago Deal is a rock music band from Oxford, United Kingdom. It started life as a four piece band in 1999 at Bartholomew School, in Eynsham, though two of the original members left shortly after. Winnebago currently consists of two Bens, Ben Perrier (vocals, guitar) and Ben Thomas (drums).

Winnebago Deal generated strong support from local youth center gigs and many appearances at Oxford's Zodiac club, eventually supporting Fugazi at London's Forum; this led to their first record, the Plata O Plomo EP in 2003. They were nominated for the Kerrang Award's 'Best British Newcomer' that year. Soon after, the band signed a recording contract with Double Dragon Music, and produced their debut album Dead Gone with Jack Endino, released in September 2004. Plata O Plomo was reissued in Australia, with an expanded track listing.

The "two Bens" then went on to play as Mondo Generator with Nick Oliveri, former Queens of the Stone Age bassist/vocalist. As well as playing Mondo Generator gigs, they still toured as Winnebago Deal and even supported Mondo Generator, earing them the moniker "Winnebago Generator" from fans. Having entered Dave Grohl's studio to record the next Mondo Generator Album, it was announced in July 2006 that they had left the band for "undisclosed reasons".

In that same month they released their latest album Flight Of The Raven. It was produced by Jack Endino, producer of the first Nirvana album Bleach. The album features many other artists including band partner Nick Oliveri and was cited as the sixth best album in 2006 by Kerrang! writer Raziq Rauf. In 2007 the Bens formed a new band called The Dresdens.

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Winnebago Deal - George Dickel

Winnebago Deal - Did It, Done It, Doing It Again

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